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The Three Funds in the Fort Street Foundation

Tim Hornibrook, Australia

For over 10 years, Tim Hornibrook worked with an agricultural funds management group overseeing investment opportunities in several different countries. Residing in Sydney, Australia, for many years, Tim Hornibrook is a former president of his high school’s foundation, the Fort Street Foundation.

The Foundation was started when a group of 1949 Fort Street High School alumni got together and celebrated their 50th anniversary. Seeing a need for improvements in the school building, the group decided to create an entity to raise funds that would be used to support the school. The Fortian alumni and school community members accept donations that are broken down into three categories: the Building Fund, the Education Fund, and the Library Fund.
Donations that have been given to the Building Fund have been used for major capital improvement projects such as upgrading the science laboratory, adding technological resources, and improving other educational facilities. Donations to the Education Fund have helped teachers to continue their professional development and enabled the school to purchase equipment used in a number of classes.

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