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Investing in Agriculture

Tim Hornibrook

After playing rugby at the junior national level in Australia, Tim Hornibrook attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, on a football scholarship. Tim Hornibrook studied psychology at Tulane, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. He went on to serve in multiple leadership positions in Sydney, Australia, including that of executive director for an agricultural fund management group. Mr. Hornibrook still gives regular speeches at conferences on topics such as what, when, and how to invest in agricultural stocks.

Investing in agriculture can be wise in times of financial crisis. Farmland provides food, which everyone needs in both good and bad times. Investment experts have been known to buy complete farms to hedge for inflation. Further, with great pressure on the global food supply, grain production to feed cattle is in high demand.

While agricultural investment can reap tremendous benefits, there are risks and processes involved in this sector. Brokers who want to get involved in international food stocks need to be aware of the regulations, taxes, and foreign land ownership laws that affect farmland investment options.


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