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Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor

Tim Hornibrook

An investment manager specializing in agriculture-focused mutual funds, Tim Hornibrook of Sydney, Australia, has traveled to every continent except Antarctica. Tim Hornibrook has spent time living in Hong Kong, which hosts the historic Victoria Harbor.

Victoria Harbor is China’s largest harbor and the third-largest harbor in the world. Located between the island of Hong Kong and the Kowloon Peninsula, the harbor serves thousands of ships each day. During the British occupation of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor was named after the British Queen Victoria, Great Britain’s longest reigning monarch. The occupation began in the mid-1800s and ended in 1997.

The harbor showcases Hong Kong’s distinctive skyline and serves as a center for large public gatherings, the annual fireworks show, and the nightly Symphony of Lights, a major attraction in that showcases an impressive light show set to music.

In service for over 100 years, the historic Star Ferry provides ferry service across the harbor. The ferry service also offers scenic cruises to tourists. When taking a night cruise on the Star Ferry, guests are treated with a front-row seat to the nightly Symphony of Lights and views of the city’s skyline. The cruise line has 12 double-deck ferries that all feature the word “star” in their names. Examples include Night Star, Morning Star, and Gold Star.


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